July 11, 2017

We’ve all been stressed while at work. There are times when you just want to go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air to get you through the day. However, you are stuck at your desk waiting for an important call or you have to go to a meeting in a few minutes, or you simply just can’t.Here are some ways you can de-stress without having to leave your desk.

Massaging your Ear

This may seem weird, but this traditional practice from Chinese medicine has been proven and known to work. According to studies, massaging your ears can relieve stress as well as anxiety in pre-op and post-op hospital patients.

What you need to do is gently massage your ear, right in the upper and middle third of your ear. This spot is called the Shen Men point, which according to some studies decreases stress and boosts your energy, something that you need on a very tiring day.

To find to spot, massage your earlobes then work your way up around your ear’s outer shell. This should produce much the same effect as Shen Men.

Reset your Workspace

Your mind set will reflect your space and vice versa. Even if you’re occupied with a lot of work, take some time to put scrap paper and empty wrappers in the trash, clean up your workspace or area and clean out your desktop computer. When you have reset your work area, reset yourself. You can boost your energy up a notch by simply sitting up straighter.

Breathing technique

Taking a deep breath is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but you can enhance its calming effect further of this simple technique with some basic body movements. All you have to do is when breathing in; just imagine the air inflating your stomach instead of your chest. Gently push your stomach outwards to draw the air in, and then pull it back to make sure you empty your lungs of air. Add in some muscle for at least three breaths, and then go back to your normal breathing rhythm more relaxed and ready to begin any task.

Hand Trick

If you want your hands to have some break, pay some attention to your thumbs. Begin by pinching the muscle between your index finger and thumb gently and then massaging it in small circles. Keep in mind to keep it firm but gentle in order to relax your muscles. You will feel your hands, shoulders and neck begin to relax and you will be ready to work again in no time.

Relaxing Progressively

This type of meditation is used in combating stress and anxiety, and is the quickest technique to reconnect with your body without having to go anywhere.

Begin with your toes, tensing and then releasing the muscles slowly. Work your way up to your body, tensing and then releasing the muscles in your feet, legs, torso, arms, neck and face. It will not take long to work your whole body and you will feel energized after you’re done and you will be ready to tackle the whole day feeling rejuvenated.

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